Thomas Niccoli

Manager & CH4 Director

Mr. Niccoli, is a senior executive with over thirty years of leadership experience as a CEO and COO for both public and private companies. He was a founder/co-founder of six high tech startups and has facilitated taking two of those companies’ public. Mr. Niccoli left IBM’s General Systems Division after 6 years as a systems analyst and beginning in the early 80’s, built the largest Computerland franchise in the country taking it public in 1987. In the early 90’s Mr. Niccoli secured a USWeb franchise and worked with the franchisor to rollup Internet Service Providers (ISPs) around the country creating a $500M public enterprise by 1998. Beginning in 2001 thru 2012, Mr. Niccoli co-founded and helped raise money for 3 additional high-tech companies two of which were in the Location Based Services (LBS) market space.

Currently, and over the last eight years, Mr. Niccoli has been focused on the AGI/ZHRO technology opportunity which is now Proteum Energy. As it relates to that, Mr. Niccoli continues to be the manager of Pure Power Financial, LLC, Pure Power Financial II, LLC and Pure Power Financial II, LLC, Series A, each a creditor who provided multiple loans to the Debtor. Each of these loans were in default and as such, these lenders ended up with both secured and unsecured claims in the Bankruptcy. Mr. Niccoli is also the manager and a member of Michigan Sustainable Power, LLC and a member of Sustainable Power Solutions, LLC, each signed distributor agreements to distribute the ZHRO Solutions’ injector technology. Mr. Niccoli is the manager and a member of Oklahoma Pure Power, LLC and Michigan Pure Power, LLC, each of whom entered into distributor agreements with ZHRO Power, LLC to distribute their on-site power generation technology.

Mr. Niccoli has been a member of the local chapter of the Young President’s Organization (YPO) since 1984 and had been a member of the World President’s Organization (WPO). He continues to be an active member of the charitable arm of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, the Phoenix Thunderbirds, since 1987. Mr. Niccoli has served on several Boards and Advisory Committees for local organizations over the last several years. Mr. Niccoli has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics Engineering from Regis University in Denver, CO and had completed all coursework towards a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science from Arizona State University before accepting a position with IBM in 1974.