Perry Fraley

CH4 Director

Perry Fraley has 35 years’ experience in the aerospace aluminum business. Upon graduation from Harding University in 1981 he entered the marketplace as an inside sales representative for Pimalco in Chandler, AZ. He quickly showed his potential and within one year was promoted to outside sales where he was assigned an underutilized product in hope of market growth. Mr. Fraley changed the product market strategy resulting in product volume growth of over 10x making Pimalco an attractive acquisition target. In 1985, ALCOA, the industry’s leading producer of hard alloy aerospace aluminum products acquired Pimalco. In 1995 Mr. Fraley became a senior product manager managing ALCOA’s largest extrusion facility in Lafayette, IN where he once again took a struggling product and grew it, exceeding ALCOA’s expectations.

In 1997 Mr. Fraley and his family started ALEXCO, a company specializing in the production of aerospace aluminum extrusions. Mr. Fraley took responsibility for sales and business development and within months the company was established as a world leader in production and customer service. Under his leadership as president, the family-owned business grew and became an acquisition target for larger companies to widen their footprint in a technologically challenging industry. In January of 2011 the Fraley family sold ALEXCO to Kaiser Aluminum. Realizing the value of Mr. Fraley’s skill set, Kaiser retained him to manage the acquired facility and participate in Kaiser’s Aerospace strategy. As General Manager/Product Manager, Mr. Fraley successfully transitioned operations to a publicly-traded corporate structure in compliance with SEC reporting requirements, while maintaining a close-knit culture among the employees.

Mr. Fraley resigned from Kaiser Aerospace at the end of 2016. He is active in philanthropic activities and served as a board member for numerous non-profit organizations, including: Experience Arts School, American Hand Forge, Valley Christian High School, Christian Life Outreach, Birdie Media and Elevation Marketing.